Nile Ross

Age: 26

Location: Arizona

     Hip-hop artist, Nile Ross, was born in Livingston, New Jersey, just 25 miles from downtown Manhattan.  At age 11 his parents decided to move the family to Arizona where his love for music began. It was this newly discovered passion that drove him, amassing over 100 original songs, 6 mixtapes, and numerous videos and collaborations uploaded to YouTube within just 3 short years. His hard work and tireless efforts along with the exposure provided by YouTube has helped his bandpage on Facebook to receive 1300+ likes and growing daily. Nile is original with regard to his style and flow. Every song in his catalog delivers a positive message encouraging the listener to, “never give up” and to “dare to be great”. Mr. Ross brings a fresh, new face to the scene with his progressive lyrics, riveting effects, and an enormous presence as an artist.

    Although his foray into the performance arena was that of just another rapper within the local Hip-hop community, he has quickly proven himself to be anything but. Nile is the epitome of a triple threat artist by engineering, producing, and performing his own music. That ability to produce his own sound ensures the flexibility needed for him to express himself musically, separating him from other artists on both the local and national levels. Nile has completed four mix tapes and has produced seven high-quality music videos within a short span of 3 years. He has performed all over the state of Arizona opening for such top artists as Talib Kweli, Kevin Gates, Chevy Woods, Ty Dolla $ign, ILoveMakonnen, IamSu, Two-9 and Rick Ross.

    The young artist hasn’t allowed his frequent performances or his special projects to disrupt his focus on earning his degree. He continues to attend school full time and has already received his AA degree in Fine Arts. People of all ages can relate to Nile Ross’ music as evidenced by his steadily growing fan base comprised of a broad demographic. Nile uses his unique style to simply and smoothly convey the story that is his life, which has proven to be appreciated by fans and affiliates time after time. Nile has proven himself a leader through the development and creation of the “Victory After Victory” movement, his own distinct musical brand and the vehicle that delivers the positive messages in his songs.

     Nile Ross’ message focuses on realizing that the obstacles in one’s life can provide them with the opportunity to overcome them and ultimately grow into a better person. Nile’s music engages his listeners by connecting with them lyrically and transporting them on a virtual journey showing them the satisfaction and true happiness one gets from hard work and dedication and ultimately reaching their goals. Nile Ross is an innovative and unique Hip-hop artist who continues his determination to grow each and every day as an artist, creator and performer and has proven himself to be a strong contender in today’s ever-expanding music industry.


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